How to speak English fluently

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How to speak English fluently

How to speak English fluently

How to speak English fluently

How to speak English fluently

Many people have different reason to learn English, we can agglomerate them as two large criteria, they are group which has purpose to speak fluently, and another group is which has purpose for academic purpose or writing purpose. By knowing our purpose learning English we can easily find out the best method we can use to reach our goal.

Should I learn grammar first? This question is always questioned by many people whose purpose is to speak fluently. I hate grammar… hahaha, that is the statement of many people who want to learn English. You should know this fact, that only a small fraction of English speakers know more than 50% of grammar rules. so…. don’t be afraid, I can confidently say that grammar is the most weapon for writing, not for speaking. I am not saying that we shouldn’t learn grammar when speaking….. NO, I didn’t say it. These are the steps you can use to achieve your goal, speak fluently.

  1. Don’t study grammar too much

This rule might be sound strange for us, but this is the best advice you can apply. Learning grammar too much will only slow you down and confuse you… really, I meant it. Try to learn only the basic grammar, believe me…

  1. Learn and study phrase, not a word and don’t translate it one by one.

This is the difference method between “able to speak” and “able to write”. When our goal is speaking English fluently, I recommend you not to translate the phrase which you heard  before, translating phrase will only confuse you on how the phrase arrange. Try remember the phrase, and remember the meaning in bahasa, and use it often in your practice.

  1. Listening, and writing are not enough

Because the main purpose is speaking, you can’t achieve this goal without practicing. Read aloud the phrase, and practice your pronunciation.

  1. Practice with native or non-native speaker?

Sometimes when we want to practice our speaking, we choose non-native speaker, because we are not confident of our English, so we can practice together. Well…..that is not 100% correct reason, you should aware learning or practice with non-native speaker, because by practicing we learn phrase, if our friend gives us the wrong phrase, then we definitely learn the wrong phrase.

There is no easy way to reach our goal….. confidence, hard-working, don’t be angry if someone corrected your sentence, the last one is don’t hesitate to ask to person who has better knowledge in English.